How To 10x Social Media With Fingrprint

There’s a super simple way of making sure your social media audience sees your targeted display ads automatically.

  1. Before posting a link, video or image on your favorite social media site, first convert it into a Fingrprint (takes 10 seconds).
  2. Then go ahead and post the Fingrprint instead of your normal link or video, and when your viewers click or view, they’ll start to see your text and display ads (retargeted ads) across the web and mobile automatically.

You can even tie specific ads to each Fingrprint, so for example if you post something on twitter about an upcoming webinar, your audience will only see ads about the webinar.

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Retargeting with display and text ads is incredibly cost effective and has been shown to increase the chances of a consumer or prospect engaging with your company significantly. And now it’s easy schmeasy automatic.

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