How To 3.5x The Reach Of Your Social Media Posts

What if everyone who saw our social media posts also saw targeted ads that followed them around the web and mobile so we maximize our engagement with them? Now we can.

  1. Before posting a link, video or image on your favorite social media site, first convert it into a Fingrprint (takes 10 seconds).
  2. Then go ahead and post the Fingrprint instead of your normal link or video, and when your viewers click or view, they’ll start to see your text and display ads (retargeted ads) across the web and mobile automatically.

You can even tie specific ads to each Fingrprint, so for example if you post something on twitter about an upcoming webinar, your audience will only see ads about the webinar.

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Retargeting with display and text ads is incredibly cost effective and has been shown to increase the chances of a consumer or prospect engaging with your company significantly. And now it’s easy schmeasy automatic.

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How We Used Retargeting To Sell To C-Level Executives

It was 2015 and I decided to sell the company. To gain interest I had a short list of 50 CEOs I wanted to reach out to. So I wrote a custom, personal email to each one explaining why we were the “best digital health company no one’s heard of.”

We also wrote a script that showed retargeted display ads to the CEOs who opened and read my emails.

More than a few of those CEOs said, “Yeah, I’ve heard of you guys… you’re everywhere.”

Long story short, we sold the company and everyone was happy. But then we got restless and decided to start another project. We thought  –

Why don’t we build a plugin to popular email sequencers like Hubspot, Marketo and Outreach so that everyone in our email lists can be shown targeted display ads, automatically?

Two years and a little over one million dollars later, we built the retargeting tool of our dreams and named it “Fingrprint.” Because I’m told by my Millennial younger colleagues that it’s cooler without the “e.”

Fingrprint can automatically convert the links, documents, videos, and images in your outbound emails into Retargeting Assets (“Fingrprints”), meaning any prospect who interacts with your emails in any way will start to see your targeted ads across mobile and social media.

If you run online ads in addition to your email campaigns, we’re willing to bet that Fingrprint will significantly increase the ROI ratios of your email list, as prospects are far more likely to engage with brands they see across multiple channels.

Fingrprint is enterprise-ready with full reporting, support for teams and fine grain control of each Fingrprint for advanced audience segmentation. We also integrate to Hubspot and Marketo with a four mouse-clicks integration. To eliminate adoption risk, any changes to your emails by Fingrprint are reversible in one click.

We welcome you to try our extensively tested beta version hassle free for 30 days (no sales calls or credit cards required). And for being a Founding User, we’ll provide you a special (and significant) gift as well!

Use Fingrprint Free

* The app is incredibly simple to use and takes 40 seconds to setup. All changes resulting from implementing Fingrprint are reversible in one click.