A 10x Improvement Over Link Shorteners

Link shorteners are used by marketers and social media mavens to make long URLs shorter and to track the source of visitors. OK, we all know that.

But did you know that sophisticated email and social media marketers not just shorten links, but turn their links into retargeting gateways? Meaning anyone who clicks the links will automatically start to see the link owners ads on Facebook, Google, etc.

Great, right? So why isn’t everyone doing this?

Because it’s a pain in the ass, that’s why. And this is the very exact problem we’ve solved for with Fingrprint.io.

I mean, check out the video on how to set up a retargeting link using a popular link retargeting tool. The tutorial video alone is 9 minutes long! And it will takes tens of minutes (or longer) to set up each retargeting pixel and connect it to an ad on Facebook or Google, set up the tracking URL, create a custom audience, wait for the trigger threshhold, etc etc.

Simply, retargeting links never took off with mainstream marketers because it’s arduous and prone to errors.

We made Fingrprint to make creating retargeting links 10x easier, faster and more powerful.

Our tutorial is 30 seconds. And unlike traditional link shorteners or retargeting link tools:

  1. Fingrprint’s retargeting links can also be videos, docs and images! So prospects reading your PDF or watching your explainer video on Youtube will get retargeted.
  2. The entire act of creating a shortened link and connecting it to a retargeting campaign is now seconds (with other tools it can take tens of minutes or longer per link, and even then there are a lot of steps a user can mess up). Fingrprint is grandma-proof ­čÖé

Check out Fingrprint – you can create your first Fingrprint link in seconds, for free.

  • Turn content in outbound emails into retargeting opportunities by replacing normal links and videos with fingrprints.
  • Retarget prospects on 3rd party content you send them (with GDPR compliance).
  • Give it to your social media agency and have them turn normal content they post on your behalf into Fingrprint retargeting links (it’s simple enough for the intern to learn in seconds).

How To Retarget Prospects On Third Party Content

While retargeting visitors who come to our website is common practice, we marketers leave a lot of revenue on the table by not retargeting the recipients of our email sequences or by not retargeting our social media followers.

Links in emails or social media that lead to credible third-party┬ácontent generally have high click-thru rates, but since marketers can’t cookie prospects on third-party┬ásites,┬áretargeting prospects this way was previously impossible.

So we created a free tool called Fingrprint, which makes retargeting your prospects on third-party content ridiculously simple.

In fact, the entire tutorial video here takes 30 seconds:

How does it work?

Fingrprint is an auto-magical link shortener that makes sophisticated retargeting 10x simpler than before.

Before posting links to third-party content in emails or social media posts, you can easily convert them into special shortened URLs using Fingrprint. Now prospects clicking this fingrprint shortened URL get automatically retargeted with the specific ad you connected to that fingrprint URL.

Let’s compare what prospects would see if you posted a link to a Forbes article as normal (not a fingrprint URL). Notice the distracting ads that are now commonplace on all publisher sites:

salesforce retargeting

But compare that to what a prospect sees when they click a fingrprint shortened URL (notice that in addition to being cookied in a GDPR-compliant manner, the prospect has distracting ads stripped away and can conveniently engage with your team should they have any questions):

best facebook retargeting tool gdpr

Why should we care?

Let’s compare this hypothetical content conversion funnel which yields a 0.05% conversion rate from delivered email to SQL (average for B2B):

best b2b retargeting app software tool

Compare that to a content funnel that shows retargeted ads to prospects which yields double the number of SQLs with the same volume of delivered emails (results we have seen across the two B2B SaaS companies we ran):

content retargeting

And if we can 2x the conversions we get from content marketing, anyone can 2x their conversions from content marketing. And now it’s both free and 10x easier to do than before.

Start using Fingrprint for free.