What Problem For Marketers Does Fingrprint Solve?

Problem: Marketers can’t display ads to most of the subscribers in their email lists, resorting to pay per click bidding wars campaigns and shotgun display ads to fill the chasm between outbound emails and paid inbound traffic.

Solution: Create enterprise software that “fingrprints” prospects when they read emails or documents so that everyone is shown relevant display ads. Then integrate to popular email apps like Hubspot, Marketo and Outreach and allow marketers fined grain control of the prospect’s ad journey with attribution. All with GDPR compliance in mind.

While prospect response rates to emails keep falling, in our last two companies we saw a near 3x increase in response rates when prospects also saw our ads across the web and mobile.

So we created an automated way for marketers and salespeople to do just that.

Fingrprint is a simple way to turn your outbound emails into retargeting assets or “Fingrprints.” Meaning subscribers to your email sequences automatically start to see your highly targeted display ads across mobile and social automatically. This integration to your email sequencer takes about 40 seconds, and any changes can easily be undone so it’s enterprise-safe for managers.

Sales teams and social media agencies can also insert Fingrprinted links, documents and videos into emails, LinkedIn messages, chats, and social media posts. Now (optionally) sales teams and agencies can deliver more value to their activities by automatically connecting display ads with their outbound communications and social media posts. 

You can connect your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ads account to Fingerprint in 30 seconds and integrate it into Hubspot, Marketo or Outreach in 40 seconds. It’s ridiculously easy and totally automated.


We welcome you to try our extensively tested beta version hassle free for 30 days (no sales calls or credit cards required). And for being a Founding User, we’ll provide you a special (and significant) gift as well!

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