NEW RELEASE: “Fingrprint For Chrome” For Sales & Social Media Teams

We’ve taken nearly all of the functionality of Fingrprint and also turned it into a Chrome extension so that you can easily (and safely) extend Fingrprint’s retargeting abilities to your sales and social media teams.

Fingrprint is our application which allows you to instantly turn any link, document, video or image into a Retargeting Asset or “Fingrprint.” Any prospect who views your Fingrprints will automatically start to see your targeted ads on social media and the Web.

Step 1) Add Fingrprint For Chrome

Step 2) Choose which type of asset you want to convert into a Fingrprint <insert screenshot of Fingrprint creator screen, blur out right hand preview side for now>

Step 3) Connect Your Ad Account. (Have asterisk description for Events.)

Step 4) Add a Call To Action <insert screenshot, but now blur out left hand side>

Pro Tip) To quickly create any URL into a FIngrprint, just visit the page, open up the Fingrprint For Chrome, then click “Create Quick Link.” <insert screenshot circling the Quick Create Button>

We welcome you to try our extensively tested beta version hassle free for 30 days (no sales calls or credit cards required). And for being a Founding User, we’ll provide you a special (and significant) gift as well!

Use Fingrprint Free


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