Instantly Increase Email Conversions With Outbound Retargeting

It was 2015 and I decided to sell the company. To gain interest I had a short list of 50 CEOs I wanted to reach out to. So I wrote a custom, personal email to each one explaining why we were the “best digital health company no one’s heard of.”

We also wrote a script that showed retargeted display ads to the CEOs who opened and read my emails.

More than a few of those CEOs said, “Yeah, I’ve heard of you guys… you’re everywhere.”

Long story short, we sold the company and everyone was happy. But then we got bored and decided to start another project. And we thought, “What about that retargeting tool?”  Our simple idea was  –

Why don’t we build a plugin to popular email automation apps so that everyone in your email lists can be shown your display ads, automatically?

We weren’t sure if it was technically possible. We wanted to allow for GDPR compliance (for EU users) and we wanted to make it simple but powerful enough for enterprises.

Well we built it, it works and we called it “Fingrprint.” Because it’s cooler without the “e.”

Fingrprint can automatically (or manually) convert the links, documents, videos, and images in your outbound emails into Retargeting Assets (“Fingrprints”), meaning any prospect who interacts with your emails in any way will start to see your ads across mobile and social media.

If you run paid ads on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn in addition to your outbound/inbound email campaigns, we’re willing to bet that Fingrprint will significantly increase the conversion ratios of your email lists.

I’m certain because retargeting has been effective for our two companies and nearly all the B2B companies I’ve invested in or have advised. Retargeting works because it automatically and consistently pushes prospects further down the funnel by displaying our brands outside of their inbox with the right message at the right stage.

The problem with retargeting has been the lack of volume as finding prospects in Facebook has always been difficult in B2B (i.e. “low match rates”).  And of course GDPR has been a reset button for data and Apple has made some changes as well, but we think we’ve solved for all that with an elegant application that just works.

Fingrprint is enterprise-ready with full reporting, support for teams and fine grain control of each Fingrprint for advanced audience segmentation. We also integrate to Hubspot and Marketo with a four mouse-clicks integration. Really, I counted.

Check it out. It’s free for 14 days and no one will hassle you afterward (we don’t have salespeople).