Interview With Tampa Bay Times

I don’t have a PR team or reach out to anyone for press (my wife Liza and I are pretty private people and like to keep to ourselves) but when it comes to helping keep the Ukrainian war in the news, I had to say ‘Yes.’ And as I write this, I really miss our Ukrainian team and our old office.

My Op Ed for The Kyiv Independent

Olga Rudenko, Editor-in-Chief of Ukriane’s largest newspaper asked me to respond to Elon Musk (and other tech billionaires) who seem to be echoing Putin’s propaganda talking points.

What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Ukraine.”

  • The opinions that I write are solely my own, and may change as time progresses and new data emerges.
  • I’m a grateful investor in SpaceX, teach Naval’s wisdom to my engineers, and was a happy customer of Yammer. I just don’t agree that appeasement is an answer, nor that Ukraine is a regional conflict.

Welcome to Tampa Bay, Cathie!

We love Cathie Wood. She’s a visionary ETF investor who is both contrarian and courageous. It was great to have her drop by the JetBridge office as she herself just made the move to Tampa Bay from New York. While Tampa Bay is nowhere near the intellectual density powerhouse that NY or SF are (the Tampa tech/investor scene is teeny tiny) it’s nice to have a ‘small town’ feel to our new home. And it was a great honor to be invited to her team’s Friday brainstorms – I look forward to it each week!